You are here because ….

* you KNOW you want more FUN and LAUGHTER in your life

* you KNOW you want more FUN and LAUGHTER that is coming from your inside, bubbleing like a fountain from within

* you KNOW you want to feel connected to your INNER SOURCE

* you KNOW you want to feel filled up, calm, centerd, safe and grounded

* you KNOW that NO ONE will do the work for you – but YOU stepping into it
and taking action on creating your choice of happiness and inner peace

AND you KNOW you need and appriciate SUPPORT, reliable TECHNIQUES and ACCOUNTABILITY for that

* you KNOW that right NOW,
THIS is the moment where you are being asked to CHOOSE yourself,
go into a journey of transformation to step up into a new version of yourself







Being a „medical doctor in practical year“ in a hospital’s emergency room as a last-year medicine student, I am welcoming and taking on patient when they arrive from the ambulance.

I see structures falling apart daily, overwhelm, super stressed out workers, fights, unpolitness,
frustrations as our rooms run out for patients that need to be isolated. Hearing comments like „not another patient again“ when the ambulance rings…

For me this tipped when a patient was dying, and just nobody seemed to be affected. It was „just what happens“. This incidence hurt my personal values on the honor of death and birth terribly. I was thinking about human dignity.

I am still there in this hospital. I do this. Non-paid. Every day. 40 Hours a week. Since 6 months. And still  6 more to go until May ’21. Until I get my approval as a medical doctor

I understand that my impact to help, support and help changing the world to a better place is somehow more than being in the emergency room. I decided  to make a positive impact during this period of time to guide people and remind them about their power of laughter and joy within.

Because I am so convinced that NOW more than ever LAUGHTER IS MEDICINE.
Within the last 14 years teaching and educating laughter yoga, I have never acutally been able to see the power of laughter as urgently needed as during this year of lockdown and pandemie.

Because when we laugh, we change.

We shift to Health, Joy, Harmony and Peace, Work-life Balance, release Fear, Happiness, Connection, Love.


And these are my values. This is what I believe in. This is what I want to bring into the world.

It’s called “Diamond” – because it will shape you into a new brilliance.


How will you see the transformation in your life?

  • DAILY Laughter in your Life
  • From Stress > Happiness
  • A meditation practise that fits you and nourrishes you
  • More playfulness in your relationships

  • Implemented new habits in your life that provide you inner joy (no matter the circumstance)
  • Feeling connected to your inner laughter and aliveness



You will see the effects cos you will experience …

  • Additionally:
    you are Inspired
  • Higher Creativity and creative Expression
  • Connection and having a strong network of like-minded people

  • Clearer focus
  • Higher Emotional Intelligence: Care for others, Gratitude, Compassion and Forgiving
  • Fear-free positivity space
  • Relaxation of the nervous System
  • Increased Sleep Quality

  • Physical Pain Shrink of -80% (studies confirmed) 
  • Permission to be happy, eventhough people around you are not
  • Re-Modelling neurogentic pathway for Positivity, Mindset, Creativity, Fullfillment
  • Re-Balancing Work-Life
  • Increased Productity
  • Level up your Team-Building skills


Module 1


Module 2



Module 3



Module 4



Module 5



Module 6



Module 7



Module 8



Module 9



Module 10


to 10 people. 


This year you will walk exclusively with a highly motivated, small Group, who will become your Support + Accountabilty Team for the 10 Months Journey Together.

Research has show that the most life transformation happens in small groups.

Can you imagine the Power of daily seeing how other meditate and laugh? What a momentum this creates?



The 10 month’s mentorship program is literally the bridge
in between the situation where you in right now
and Vision that dream that you have to implement laughter in your everyday life.

To have that playful sense of ease and connection throughout your day
within yourself within the relationship to others, with your workmates.

So the program is the vehicle that will bring you there and this is why it’s 10 months
because it takes a lot to integrate to literally “penetrate” your life
through laughter meditation and the connection that you seek.

The 10months Mentorships Workshops (“diamond”) Sessions are on:


Diamond Sessions:

2nd + 4th week of month

Monthly Bonus practise session

on 3rd or 1st week



You will receive recordings of all sessions.

START of the 10 months Mentorship:
2nd week of March 2021


PUT DOWN your 1st payment today,
then every 1st of the month


Contact for Setting up Payment Plans

Bank Account: comdirect, Claudia Zimmermann, IBAN IBAN DE38 2004 1155 0629 3302 00
and send a screenshot to


Contact for Setting up Payment Plans

Bank Account: comdirect, Claudia Zimmermann, IBAN IBAN DE38 2004 1155 0629 3302 00
and send a screenshot to



I love to see the 10-month mentorship program as a ship we’re going to set sail into a new world.

Right now we are packing the goods. We’re boarding the food, we’re bringing all the stuff that we need on board and if you want to be one of the person who is packing with us  – you get a special bonus, if you’re coming to join us in preparation time.

The ship sets at the beginning of March and we’re going to Transit for 10 whole months.

So there is the ocean in front of you,  we’ll set sail, we have a direction and off we go.

The question is – will you come in time to join us?

1 year from NOW you will:

_ significantly lower your stress and cortisol levels on will
_ being able to laugh for NO reason, finding inner JOY no matter the circumstances
_ feeling juicy, alive, inspired and expressive in your creativity
_ learned about the Science of Laughter and Breathwork
_ believe in yourself like you have never before
_ overcome obstacles that stop you from implementing laughter and joy in your daily life
_ upgraded your self-worth and value
_ have changed the way you wake up
_ the value you give to other people around you
_ having integrated a strong 10min Practise that ankers you, grounds you, changes your mood and switches you to your inner laughter
_ improved your relationships to your work collegues, family and friends
_ feeling tremedously supported within your group
_ having gone through fun, expansive challenges throughout the year – that make you realise your inner power and go for bigger dreams and impact in the world

Because once we’re leaving – we are on the open water.

Are you staying behind?

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arrange the details