The KEYMACRO is a program which enables you to define keyboard shortcuts for the entire system. It uses the software registry and can add, modify or delete keys, thereby allowing you to set shortcuts which run applications or programs at the specific times you want.
Features of the program include:
• Supports 32- and 64-bit Windows
• Works for both 32- and 64-bit applications
• Offers an easy to use interface
• Works on the system level, so you can use keyboard shortcuts for everything

Macports is a free and open source package manager for OS X, Mac OS X, and iOS. Use it to install, upgrade, and remove software and packages.
We like the MacPorts integration into the OS X interface. It is highly recommended to use it on a Mac.

Save everything, even text files and PDF documents with a single click. New texts can be added to your documents without overwriting what is there. No additional software is required. Document Backup is a small application that makes it possible to create and edit PDF documents from your web browser. No registration is required.

This is a personal wiki that I’ve created to help me keep track of important links to useful information on the web. I’ve used it for a few years, and it’s still working for me, so I figured I’d share it.
MyLinks offers the following features:

Add a link to a page that you visit frequently. You can also add pages of interest to your favorites. Create new pages, add new pages to existing collections, add or remove pages to a collection, and set a link to a single web page.
This tool is like a bookmark. It saves a link to a page, but instead of using a browser’s default bookmarks, it uses custom collections. It’s an easy way to add more categories to your bookmarks, and you can now manage them all in one place.

As opposed to a browser bookmark, MyLinks saves a single link to a webpage. Its purpose is to save a shortcut to a page or a collection of pages that is useful. You can organize your MyLinks into collections and categorize them by typing a keyword or taking a picture of the webpage. MyLinks is a personal wiki, much like Evernote.
It automatically syncs with your other devices, so you can share your links on Twitter or Facebook.
This tool allows 384a16bd22

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Keymactro is a virtual patch-mapping program for the virtual synth of the same name. It allows you to quickly change the mapping between your keyboard and the virtual instrument. This way you can compose new sounds from scratch and then instantaneously apply them to any one of your Virtual Instruments (VIs) on demand. This is achieved through the use of a Sequencer with many patterns and a configuration database for naming and assigning the actions.

Rock Machine | Music Toy Box is a collection of many toys that can be used to express any ideas. The possibilities are endless. The usage of the collection will vary greatly. You can create music with them, write a story with them, decorate a room with them, show a movie with them or use them to make a cartoon or a painting.

I want to do some sort of story writing thing, my friend. So I want to create some buttons, sounds, and actions that are tied to them. In the end I want a story where you play with the buttons, but I’m not sure how to go about doing that. It would be very useful, but I don’t know how to start. Can anyone help?

Easy as that. i have been creating cartoon stories using comic book pictures and sound effects for many years on the computer and never used a virtual instrument before, though a few others were to have a go at it. The process i use is similar to creating a story in a comic book, i start with the pictures and their actions and then fit the sounds to them.

i am no pro on any virtual instrument other than jingle edit and studio 2. you should have some sample sounds lying around to start with as well as the pictures you want to use and then let the sounds and pictures inspire you to create the rest.

I have the following collection which I am willing to distribute to interested persons:
If interested, could someone help me get into touch with the right person? I have only emailed it to myself.
A collection of recorded bell sounds that I recorded on my way to work.
All the sounds were recorded within about 10 minutes of one another, so I imagine there are a number of variations. I have provided four files in an encoded format for those who want to play around with them.
The files include:
1. Normal bell, but with the onset of the noise nearly delayed for 5 seconds
2. Silenced bell
3. Multiple bells
4. Sound of repeated bell

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