LyX “Is a powerful, feature-rich, platform for writing and documenting with TeX”.
LyX is a free, open source (GPL), cross-platform document processing system. It is used to write and edit LaTeX, TeX, and HTML files.
Document structuring: create and edit a document from structure, i.e. without matter; manage chapters and sections.
Formula editor: LaTeX, TeX, and MathML formulas.
Macro definitions and referencing: definitions and cross-referencing.
Document navigation: tables of content, index, graphics, bibliographies, etc.
Flexibility: use built-in resources or external packages to create, modify, print, and print the document.

LyX is not so much a word processor as a document processor, yet it is a document processor that focuses on the appearance of the document as much as on the way it is edited. It is an open-source, cross-platform project that enhances the document management experience, allowing for the results to look professional, while the integrity of the content is in no way affected.

LyX is, in essence, a document processor, but behind this rather generic title, there is a versatile editing platform where the focus falls on the appearance of the documents as much as on the way they are edited.
It is an open-source, cross-platform project that enhances the document management experience, allowing for the results to look professional, while the integrity of the content is in no way affected.
Thanks to its TeX / LaTeX support, academicians and students will no longer have a hard time writing formulae and will be able to produce science articles and books in a significantly easier manner than with a classic document editor.
LyX’s appearance is similar to most word processors, but looks is not its primary focus. Despite resembling the competition, LyX provides so much more in terms of functionality. It’s got rich support for documents, including Word, PDF, RTF, HTML, Postcript and OpenDocument, with extensive import and export options.
On top of basic editing features, such as cut, paste, spell checking, undo, redo, the program comes with a lot of goodies in what the outline and formatting of a document is concerned. You can create indexes, labels and bibliographies, table of contents, lists, headings, to name just a few 384a16bd22

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#define TOKEN “Token number” —
This macro is used by all NO MERCY application. Each NO MERCY kill button creates a new token. You need to save these tokens and then kill the application. Once the application is killed, it returns the saved token to the Macro, and you can kill it again. When the application is killed, it tells the macro the “token number” (TOKEN). The MACRO will kill the application again if it is still running and matches the TOKEN.
Optionally, you can specify a condition that determines whether or not to kill it.


End If

Example with condition


End If

NOTE: If you use { } it may be easier to use a Timer instead of an If statement
Make sure that you run the Macro for all applications, or if you are using a condition, you have to save all the tokens first, then you can kill all the applications.

Optionally, if you have used the “all or nothing” option for the condition, you can also use a second “All” Macro to kill all apps that don’t match the condition. So, for instance, you could set up a condition that kills all applications except for Calculator and your Calculator application wouldn’t be killed.

C:\>net stop “Token” && net start “Token”

PS. Here’s a link that was provided by a Windows Networking Guru:

I’m sorry to say that for a limited time this program is free.
It’s an Open Source program, and I’m very excited to be able to offer it for free.

In the future, I plan on releasing a commercial version with additional features.
This version is 100% free for the limited time.

It has the following features:

Uses a token to kill applications.
Can kill applications that don’t match a condition.
Works for batch files, scripts and executables.

If you have any problems, let me know.

Thank you and I hope you’ll enjoy the program.


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