Extension Changer enables you to change the file extension of all the files in a folder. You can change the extension of the file to any other extension you like, so that it no longer resembles the original file extension. It is easy to use and takes a few seconds to change all the extensions of files in the folder.
Key Features:
1. Multi-mode: single-click changes all files in a folder.
2. Process all files quickly and conveniently with the batch process.
3. Customize the file extension to a popular file type.
4. Friendly user interface with a clear & simple workflow.
5. No windows, no popups, no ads, no pop-ups.
How to Use:
1. Launch the Extension Changer and click the Add Button.
2. Find the file name in the text field and click the Select button.
3. Click the Browse button to select a location of the file you want to change the extension to, and click Open or OK.
4. Select the new extension for each file by clicking the down arrow button beside the extension. Click the Browse button to select a new extension or simply leave it blank. Click OK or the Save button to save the change and exit.
After Installation, It’s recommended that you restart your computer to make sure all of the changes made by Extension Changer are applied.
What’s New in This Version:
1. Version 2.5.2
– Added support for 64-bit Windows
– Added support for changing the file extension to popular file types
– Added support for file extensions under the Settings -> Options dialog
* All new files have been released.
How to Crack:
1. Download the installation from given links
2. Install the program and use crack
3. Enjoy!!

Search for Free!

How to Use:
1. Launch the program.
2. Select the “Free!” button and click Start.
3. Choose the folder containing the files you want to scan, and click OK.
4. Choose the file type from the list of types and click the “Find next” button.
5. Select the files to be removed, and click the “Start” button.
6. When the scanning process is complete, click the “Show all” button.
7. The found files will appear in the list box on the left, and the scanned files will appear in the list box on the right eea19f52d2


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UWP notifications: Windows Runtime http request failed

I want to show a notification from UWP and I’m using WinJs Notifications plugin for that.
In the code I use:
await navigator.notifications.requestPermissionAsync();

await Windows.System.Launcher.launchUriAsync(uri);

if (Windows.System.Launcher.canLaunchUriAsync(uri)) {
await Windows.System.Launcher.launchUriAsync(uri);

Now I’m receiving the error message:

The message with the error code “0x80070057” was not sent because the
remote host application does not support sending application-defined
messages. The error code could be interpreted as:
“no such property” or “no such interface”.

What can I do?


The error code 0x80070057 can be interpreted as

The message with the error code “0x80070057” was not sent because the
remote host application does not support sending application-defined
messages. The error code could be interpreted as:
“no such property” or “no such interface”.

I think you are targeting for WP81 or older version of Windows. Make sure your App version target for Windows 10 Anniversary Update and later. Check if your app is able to handle RemoteNotificationChannelRequested with the notification data of your choice.
Check RemoteNotificationChannelRequested property of the DeviceProperties class for the notification data.

How to receive a remote notification?

Remote notifications are a type of Push Notification that is sent to the
user’s phone, even if the app is in the background.

Check for more details.
For UWP/Windows App development, you can register for the RemoteNotificationChannelRequested event of the DeviceProperties class to know when and what kind of notifications have been received.

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