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Conflux Professional is a comprehensive and reliable groupware server that enables you to handle office operations over the Internet. Sending emails, scheduling appointments, managing clients databases or sharing files with other users are easily performed with this 100% Web-based application.
Conflux Professional features a simple and neat looking HTML based interface, that eases your access to the email service, contacts list, calendar or document management tab. Moreover, the application ensures automatic file encryption, before transferring, by applying the 128-bit SSL encoding algorithm.
You may create various associations between the items stored on Conflux, through the relation management service. Thus, relations of hierarchy or group based access can be set up and controlled in the administration tab.
The application enables you to set up email accounts, with support for POP3 and IMAP types, attaching files from the local computer folders or from the cloud storage. Additionally, the email account can be organized in custom created folders and features a searching engine. Mass messages, campaigns or newsletters can be sent to email contacts.
Aside from email services, you may set tasks and workflows, that you can share with your colleagues or assign to co-workers. Automatic reminders and email notification can be enabled, in order to keep your team members up to date. Additionally, each task may be approached into serial or parallel workflows, due to the ability of data synchronization.
Moreover, you have access to setting up one-time or recurrent appointments, events and tasks, then share your calendar with other users. Automatic reminders and email notification can be enabled, in order to keep your team members up to date. Additionally, each task may be approached into serial or parallel workflows, due to the ability of data synchronization.
The document management section is also an important feature of Conflux Professional, since it can offer you a secure centralized document storage space, which is accessible to all the users. Given the proper clearance, any user may browse, search, view or append the available files. The application also features built-in text indexing support for Word, PDF, HTML or RTF documents.
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Conflux Professional Crack For Windows can be used to provide secure groupware services over the Internet. It offers simple, effective and reliable services, with support for email and document management, as well as electronic calendar, task management and email newsletters.

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With ConFlash!, you may send messages through email, as well as set up short or unlimited message “records”. Moreover, you may send messages as a shortcut, to your other devices, or as

Conflux Professional Crack+ Product Key Full [Updated] 2022

Configure and synchronize your groupware solution from a single Web interface.
Centralize contacts, business, events and appointments and workflows.
Manage tasks, to-do lists, invoices, and projects.
Access email accounts, with automatic searching.
Make use of custom folders and contacts/tasks associations.
Create tasks for email delivery campaigns.
Share your calendar with others.
Manage and access documents.
Configure user permissions.
Support for SSL and 128-bit encryption.
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What’s New in the?

Conflux Professional – Solution on one UNIX platform. It is a web-based solution for online business operations. Its main benefit is the possibility of doing office work with a single Web browser, on any Windows, Mac OS, or Linux computer. Conflux Professional has an intuitive user interface and the ability to work offline. Conflux Professional is designed to be a complete office suite, but also a powerful database with a full database-driven server. This software allows all data to be stored, accessed, and operated from a web browser, without installing additional software or client software on a client computer.

– Web-based multi-platform solution for online business operations
– Multiple levels of trust, i.e., each user can control who has access to data
– Developed on a robust and reliable code platform.
– Perfectly suited for large, enterprise-level business solutions
– Capable of handling large amounts of data in a distributed environment
– Easy to set up and use
– Fully integrated with other software solutions
– Suitable for hosting various types of application services on one computer
– Capable of handling large amounts of data
– Supports many different types of file formats and document types, including:.txt,.doc,.xls,.html,.rtf,.pdf,.ppt,.jpg,.png,.gif,.bmp

Application types:
Open Source
– Apache
– Self-Hosted
– Linux
– Windows

Usage scenarios:
– Running single site business
– Organizing meetings
– Managing teams
– Keeping the business process streamlined
– Creating online educational courses
– Keeping the work environment organized

Supported platforms:
– Windows 2000/XP/2003
– Windows Server 2003/2008
– Windows 7/8/10
– Windows Server 2008
– Windows Server 2012
– Windows Server 2016

– CentOS
– Debian
– Fedora
– Ubuntu
– Scientific Linux

– Android 3.0+

– Web server
– Apache
– Java

– PHP 5.2+
– Apache 2.0+
– MySQL 4+
– Apache modules
– ODBC module for MySQL (Apache version 2.4+ only)

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This document is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. To view a copy of this license, visit

System Requirements For Conflux Professional:

Hard Disk: 300MB
Intel® Core™ i3 CPU or AMD equivalent
Windows: XP/Vista/7/8
Supported languages: English
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