Named “HyperMotion Technology,” FIFA 22 represents the most complete football simulation ever, with more detailed, realistic visuals, more challenging gameplay, and a deep sense of authenticity. The data collected from player movements, tackles, aerial duels and on-ball actions, which is used to power FIFA 22 gameplay, includes a new, improved Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine and six new camera modes in addition to its existing standard camera mode.


FIFA19 looks aweemming.. but F22 pre-order in the UAE seems to be in discount 15 percent for PS4 and Xbox one.
And the discount applies to all new pre-orders not just for F22.

Nice job of F22,FIFA 20 was a disappointment for me,but F22 looks pretty good,Its nice to see that EA is trying to bring back the lost 2D DPI support,giving you control over the DPI on the fly.also putting support for psmote Pro (PS4 only) which means you can have full control over the game via your Dualshock pro. If you are an F22 pre-order,wait until JANUARY 2018 on release day,then you get the “VIOLET IMPACT” edition which is a PS4 Pro only.

Yeah that was what i was confused about.. is this the ‘VIOLET IMPACT’ edition?

I do hope F22 is fully playable on PS4 and PC.
If thats the case i will definitely be pre-ordering it.

Everyone is talking about the realism of F22,well F22 is the first and only FIFA yet to be fully balanced with all the strikers/midfielders in the top leagues.. the goalkeepers are also balanced from one club to another just like in real life,and F22 will have the best player ratings across the board,just like any FIFA.

Another thing i was puzzled about was the fact that FIFA will run on both PS4 and Xbox 1 at the same time.

I have only played FIFA 15-17 on the PC,but what EA is saying is that F22 on the PC/XBox 1 will be a “console only game”, but F22 on PS4 will be a “console and PC/XBox 1 game”…..

Even though FIFA 17/18 on PC and F22 on PS4 is “console only game


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • On-screen action: Combines the power of Nintendo 64 and the standards of an

    FIFA fan.

    This is where the true essence of soccer comes to life with a play generation
    engine made to understand what makes a true game of soccer.

    A goal scored by a long-range shot? Wrong. A goal scored by a pure

    Brazilian flair to bat the ball in the air and head it past the goalkeeper?
    Mostly correct.

    Pass, dribble and shot – all at the touch of your thumb.

    Creating the most authentic soccer experience with hundreds of new statistics
    monitoring every play.


    • * Captures the intensity and emotion of the authentic FIFA gameplay.

      • Full of authentic soccer features, which are broken down into the following key
        action categories:
      • Shooting:

        Goal attempts: Most successful kicks, shots and headers

        Sweetspot: Most favorable kick strikes/shots/headers

        Dribbling: How many times a player is beaten off the dribble

        Morals: How often a player is asked to make the simple, fundamental play of
        ‘dribbling behind the back’ and then abused for it


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      FIFA is the world’s premier soccer video game franchise. Published by Electronic Arts, EA Canada, EA SPORTS, FIFA SE and associated marketing and licensing companies, FIFA is truly the world’s leading video game franchise.

      Many of the world’s greatest soccer clubs including Manchester United, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich team with EA SPORTS to form The Real Football Club, a community of soccer fans around the globe that play and interact with one another through in-game communities, EA SPORTS Football Club and Club World.

      FIFA 2012: FIFA 13 – A New Era for FIFA

      In FIFA 13, you become the Legend.

      FIFA 13 is an all-new installment of the world’s number one soccer game franchise featuring a new story, new Legends, new gameplay innovation, and a new challenge mode. It will take you to another level in FIFA.

      FIFA 13 puts you in the boots of the most famous players in the history of the sport. You’ll be able to experience the best in ball control and the greatest in storytelling.


      The all new All-Stars Game

      Embrace the magic of the All-Stars Game by playing every single legend of the game’s history in one multi-year season.

      Master the style of your favourite player. Players like David Beckham, Thierry Henry, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and others become lifelike characters as they perform the moves that define the way they play the game. You can seamlessly navigate the pitch and create a unique style for every play and every game.

      With the goal of becoming the All-Stars Legend, you’ll find yourself playing 16 matches including the All-Stars Game. After that, you’ll choose your All-Stars Legend of the Game Showcase in Season mode. Play every one of these amazing legends in a much more realistic environment. Choose the style of play that defines your favourite player. You’ll get to drive the pitch as you choose the way you approach every match and every scenario.

      Take the Game Showcase beyond these legendary players by also supporting your favourite players from this year’s FIFA World Cup™ with custom kits and promotions.

      Improved Career Mode – FIFA 13

      Experience fully adapted gameplay with entirely revamped Career Mode.

      Experience the thrill of full game adaptation with in-game events and tactics, daily matchmaking events, and a brand new


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      More depth, more creativity. No other football game delivers the kind of deep football experiences that Ultimate Team provides. Improve your player over hundreds of cards, unlocking new heroes, discovering the most powerful Ultimate Team ever made, and, for the first time ever, playing the game as your true FIFA favorite players. Choose from David Alaba, Leo Messi, Neymar, and more.

      Club Battles – Challenge your friends to intense online battles to become Club Champions. Play solo against your friends or online in a tournament. Choose from a diverse collection of clubs from all over the world. Compete on every FIFA level; from youth to professional. Whether you play for the glory, the bragging rights, or both, Club Battles will fuel your passion for the beautiful game.

      FIFA For Mobile –
      Play FIFA for the first time on mobile and all of your favorite leagues, clubs and tournaments are right at your fingertips with the new FIFA app.

      Facebook / Instagram / Twitter – All the action and the atmosphere is now right at your fingertips through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Follow your favorite teams, players, and coaches around the globe. Share your passion for FIFA as you cheer on your favorite teams, players, and clubs.

      FIFA For TV
      -You can now play FIFA straight from your living room with FIFA for TV. Its easy to start a game, or join in with friends on a multi-screen experience. Also, with the Soccer Interactive TV Box, game features and access to content through services such as Netflix, Amazon VOD and Google Play Music are available.

      FIFA knows you like to play in-depth soccer, so it delivers more Football. Enjoy a deeper and more authentic fan experience as you get closer to the game.

      TEAMS –
      Experience more story, new leagues, and more international teams than ever.

      Create your own licensed team and play as the real club or your favorite player

      Enjoy incredible controls for ultimate ball control and advanced AI, as well as more new shooting elements

      Master the art of training and tactics, thanks to enhanced coaching tools

      Understand the game better and make smarter tactical decisions

      Enjoy a host of features and content to elevate the social experience of the FIFA franchise



      What’s new in Fifa 22:

      • Completely reworked gameplay.
      • Experience FIFA at its best with a full 1080p resolution and mobile ready design.
      • Deeper tactics. Play quicker, and strategise smarter.
      • Customise your teams and become the best.
      • Drive the game to perfection.
      • Define your game. And don’t forget to rate it.
      • Gather your best team and be ready in the new World cup mode.

      Professional gameplay with every detail tuned for the perfect match.

      • Regain control of the pitch, or be challenged.
      • Put the ball in the back of the net.
      • Know when and where to shoot in order to beat the goalkeeper and rack up the most goals.
      • Score goals with precision.
      • Tackle and intercept defenders like no other game.
      • Use dribbling moves and tricks to turn the game in your favour.
      • Dive full length with a controlled, aerially perfect tackle, capture or header.

      Create a squad or your favourite players’.

      • Create your dream team with the most realistic transfers in the game.
      • Choose from 800 different kits, including 600 different balls, and receive in-game bonuses and special rewards for your style.
      • Put playmakers at the top of your formation with intelligent set-pieces.
      • Choose from 20 different managers.


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      FIFA is the leading videogame brand in sports entertainment, featuring videogames across all major sport properties including FIFA 18, FIFA 19, Madden NFL 19, NHL 19, NBA LIVE 19, and PES 2019.

      FIFA on Twitter:

      FIFA on Instagram:

      FIFA on Facebook:

      Multiplayer gaming begins with FIFA on Xbox One: FIFA 13 Xbox One Game Guide for Xbox One. Fast lock on, accurate face tracking, build-up play, dynamic weather and atmospheric audio, refined player intelligence and new mechanics like high pressure passing make FIFA on Xbox One the most immersive experience on any console.

      Plus, learn the ins and outs of gameplay settings with the FIFA 13 Xbox One Game Guide for Xbox One. You can also find the cheat codes in the Xbox One Game Guide for Xbox One.

      FIFA on PS4 and PC: • Enjoy refined dribbling and more features that make FIFA on PS4 a de facto standard for soccer players on console

      • Get the most authentic experience with new online matchmaking and refereeing systems on PS4 and PC

      FIFA Ultimate Team: FIFA 17 Ultimate Team is the #1 selling Ultimate Team game on the PlayStation 4 system. Pick your favorite player, take him to your club, and build your dream team. FIFA 17 Ultimate Team allows you to build a squad of soccer legends, from past and present. Play in 8 different competitions with over 400 teams, including fan-favorites like Chelsea, Real Madrid, and Barcelona as they compete against other English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, and other top leagues around the world.

      With over 6,000 player cards to collect, unlock, and upgrade, FIFA 17 Ultimate Team is the largest collection of real players yet, allowing you to collect the biggest soccer stars of the game.

      FIFA 18 Ultimate Team: In FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, collect, upgrade, and battle for power with over 27,000 real players in a Football Manager-style experience. Play against your friends in online competitive matches as you try to secure the best players and tactics. You can also play against the smartest AI-controlled opponents as you fight to become the best coach in the world.

      Have fun with 18 new Ways to Play, including Rivals (EA SPORTS™ FIFA’s


      How To Install and Crack Fifa 22:

      • Install the game from your system’s DVD. You will find the crack and license key at the main installation folder. Run this folder using Run As admin
      • This game is fully compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8.0
      • Activate the game and play to download the crack FIFA 22


      System Requirements:

      Resident Evil® 4 (PS2) will be playable with any PlayStation®3 system.
      If you do not own a PlayStation®3 system or a PlayStation®3 system with Blu-ray Disc capability, you must own Resident Evil 4 (Japanese Version).
      When viewed with PlayStation®3 system software 5.0 or higher, a screen of approximately 3.5 inches in height (depending on the vertical orientation) will be shown on the television set.
      If you do not own the Resident Evil 4 (Japanese Version) video game, you will not be


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