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The AI will also be upgraded with new metrics and decision-making capabilities to improve the effectiveness of its interaction with players and managers. Similarly, player attributes and chemistry are also improved through advanced “Platinum Difficulty” play modes and difficult AI opponents. Additionally, the “Off the Ball” intelligence of the AI will allow FIFA Online 2 to handle more matches per day and feature larger player rosters.

Full details of the features and improvements coming to FIFA 22 can be found in the FIFA 22 Guide here.


Ten Small Steps Forward

FIFA 21’s moment to moments and single player improvements

A closer look at the on-pitch improvements

FIFA 22’s new AI, the new “Off the Ball” system

Roster Customization Enhancements

Heavenly Journey

The 22nd FIFA World Cup will be the biggest ever, with the likes of Messi and Ronaldo again in the mix and the biggest tournament ever on home turf.

And The player roster has been taken to the next level with a dramatic increase of over 35,000 players. Now comprised of over 7.1 million components, the FIFA 22 player roster features 22 real-life players, representing the 24 teams competing at the World Cup, along with 30 new FIFA 21 heroes. The roster will also be improved with the inclusion of 90 new FIFA 20 personalities and 10 FIFA 21 legends as the final step of FIFA 22 roster preparation.

The improved on-pitch game should also bring FIFA Online 2 to the next level. Players will also enjoy the introduction of an off-pitch mode, featuring tailored menus with personalization for each player in their squad.

More Stunning visuals, more beautiful environments and more story elements will bring the journey to life. All of which will be accompanied by a variety of gameplay improvements.

FIFA 21’s features and improvements

FIFA’s Live Leagues and Facebook Play

Real Madrid 11 returns in FIFA 22. Enjoy improved player movements, ball control and the best roster of stars yet.

FIFA 21’s gameplay features

Quick Players and Playmaker Features

The controls in FIFA 22 are enhanced with sharper passing, more pinpoint accurate shooting and improved dribbling that sees ball control and on-the-ball actions even more intuitive. Add to this innovative new AI behavior, brilliant new animations, improving penalty


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Four Challenges – Every player on the global Ultimate Team mode- you can play as a real player, jump in and play some, or jump in and play through a mod – FIFA 14’s Hybrid Engine allows you to play through mod content and earn coins as if you were playing as a real player.
    Achievements – Players will be able to earn badges based on their actions in FIFA Ultimate Team and other game modes, and will be able to unlock special triumphs, icons, decals, replica and novelty shirts and more.
  • PES 2016 Mode – It’s time to get up and jam – the fans will go wild, dance, sing, jump and shout with the player commentary channels becoming more energetic, vibrant and with a higher pitch for an enhanced FIFA and PES experience.
  • New Goalkeeper animations – Excellent goalkeepers with unique attributes will move, talk and react in new and exciting ways such as making a save on a cross or jumping for a high ball.
  • New FIFA Icon Style – Your new 17 kits and more will be refreshed to bring a FIFA-exclusive look and feel to the official team colors.
  • Four notable rivals have been added to Xbox One versions, bringing the global Player Count to 64 competing heroes.
  • FIFA Fans! Program has been extended to feature more than 14,000 clubs and renowned athletes, providing even more options for customizing your Team of the Season.
  • New features- Players getting to experience Mars, Olympics, Rainbow Bridge and Race to Rio.
  • Multiplayer modes have been expanded with new “Casual” game mode for quick, action-packed fun, new “4v4” Game Mode that allows more players to kick and play football together, and the all-new and improved “Quick Play” feature lets you try out innovative new game modes, exhibition matches, and mini-games for free.
  • 64-player online multiplayer has been extended – casual, competitive and new 4v4 modes.
  • New New UPlay features are under development and expected to be launched in the future.
  • New Features- Create tactics using an in-game tool that helps you build and test your strategies before a big game.


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FIFA is the best selling sports video game franchise of all time. Watch the FIFA 20 trailer here:

FIFA 20 is the best-selling sports game of all time. (Courtesy: EA SPORTS)

FIFA 21 launched during the World Cup on 9th June, 2019.

FIFA 20 launched during the World Cup on 9th June, 2019. (Courtesy: EA SPORTS)

FIFA is the best selling sports game of all time. (Courtesy: EA SPORTS)

FIFA 20 is the best-selling sports game of all time. (Courtesy: EA SPORTS)

FIFA 21 launched during the World Cup on 9th June, 2019.

A new chapter in the Ultimate Team mode of FIFA 19 will be revealed this year, representing the on-pitch growth of the game.

FIFA 19 launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 27th October, 2018.

FIFA Ultimate Team celebrates season 3 of the game, bringing your favourite teams and your Ultimate Team through the 2019 FIFA World Cup, and on to the pitch.

FIFA 2019 is back! New features and improvements are coming to the series, including the biggest Ultimate Team update to date.

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How can I become a FIFA Pro™?

New Pro Seasons, kits, and a new game mode will help you build your Ultimate Team. Check out the FIFA 19 in-game tutorial for more info.

The FIFA 19 keygen enables all functions on the game (including the EASPORTS, Clubs and FIFA Points modes).

FIFA 19 is the first FIFA to have a Tournament mode.

FIFA 19 was the first FIFA to use the Frostbite Engine.

FIFA 19 has new skins, teams, stadiums, ball physics and improvements to the gameplay.

FIFA 19 kicked off the launch day action with the new Ultimate Team mode.

FIFA 19 is the first FIFA on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

FIFA 19 is the first FIFA to have cross-platform play.

FIFA 19 brought a number of new features and improvements to FIFA Ultimate Team and the game play.

FIFA 19 brought a number of new features and improvements to FIFA Ultimate Team and the game play.

FIFA 19 is the first FIFA to have cross-platform play.


Fifa 22 Free Download [32|64bit] [Latest]

Put together the strongest squad of stars and legends from all over the world to suit your play style in Career Mode or on the pitch in Multiplayer. Build from scratch by collecting and developing your own characters to create your Ultimate Team. Design and customise your stadiums and teams and compete against other players around the world in head-to-head action.

Laws of the Game –
Master your players’ physical and technical traits, and make use of the Laws of the Game to help direct match flow. Send on more runners, tuck in at set-pieces, or struggle to block shots as the Laws of the Game offer a variety of tactics to change the outcome of the match.

Matches –
Get your hands on the ultimate live match experience in single player, or in up to 4-way online matches with friends or players from around the world. Live the atmosphere, talk tactics with your friends, and take advantage of all the ways to interact with the pitch and your players in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Two additional difficulties are available in FIFA 22. You’ll need the right blend of football skills and football smarts to navigate the new challenges.

Selecting the correct difficulty in FIFA 22 gives you the option to choose from two additional difficulties – “Deceptive” or “Intuitive”.

“Deceptive” matches have lower than average ball speeds and increase the team’s ability to defend and counter.

“Intuitive” matches have a higher ball speed and are more of an offensive-minded mode.

Players have more time to collect the ball and use the D-pad to drift away from defenders. Players might dribble longer on the pitch with less opposition.

Intelligent players adapt to their circumstances. Players must be trained to improve their skills and become more effective with the ball at their feet.

Ex: Showing the pitch with help from an assistant coach.

Players can use the D-pad to run faster, stop the ball, dribble with more accurate touches, and perform more touches.

Faster players with stronger, more accurate dribbling will soon find that they no longer run off the ball when the are being pursued. Instead, they can show the defenders how well they can run away from them by avoiding their follow-up tackles.

Players can now show they are able to play on both sides of the pitch


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • FIFA Live: New Live kit updates give Football fans the opportunity to see live team kits as they perform on the pitch. Drop in on the celebrations or drop the action by following as fans head to the stands or leave the pitch. Fans can also use their power on Twitter to influence the clubs to bring back a fan-favorite or innovative design.
  • Rivalry: See the world of Football through the eyes of rival players as you try to convince them to join you in your club. Relive legendary battles from throughout history with the likes of Ronaldo vs Messi or Zidane vs Maradona. Change the destiny of football and fulfil the dreams of your team by persuading rival players to join you.
  • Fan Engagement: Enjoy more player-centric content including Goal of the Year, Boots of the Year, show-stopping plays, and the new Player Showcase featuring spectacular skills, passing and dribbling, and show-stopping goals from real-life stars, past and present. Get a detailed breakdown on how the pros are moving, how they’re shooting, and what they’re seeing as they pull the trigger.
  • Match Centre: A video hub that combines live and replay content into one centralised display. It’s everything you could ever need in one place, no need to log-in to see replays, highlight reels, or line-ups. You can now see all key stats, and access replays and statistics for key moments in a single clean display.


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FIFA is the most famous video game in history and has sold more than 250 million units.

Why FIFA 22?

EA FIFA 22 will be released on Sept 18th, and brings the biggest game of the year to a new generation. FIFA 22 will feature new gameplay and game modes that turn up the heat on fantasy creation and the all-new FIFA Ultimate Team.

New Locations, 3 New Kits and Pro Clubs.

New Locations

3 New Kits. New Pro Club

New Pro Clubs

Powered by Football™

The game of player creation gets even more fluid with changes to interaction between kits, boots, gloves, and player faces. Re-cut strikes, target-manifests, and stoppage animations improve the fluidity of players launching into and clearing the ball, while getting ready for a game-changing tackle.

Additional player animations and close-up shots make battles of one-on-one more realistic.

Free-Kick Power and other Sim-to-Real Updates.

All-New Free-Kick Mechanics and Power Motion in SimMatch

Sim-to-Real Interception

• Players can now intercept a pass at a wider variety of angles

• Made positioning and timing before the pass an important part of success

• Relatively easy to execute in free kicks of long distances

Sim-to-Real Goalkeeper Interception

Sim-to-Real Goal-Kick Compensations

Sim-to-Real Pivot Followers

• Pivot follow on the run accelerates follow-ups

• Follow-ups now react to and compensate for the direction of the initial pass

Sim-to-Real Pivot Defender

Sim-to-Real Alternative First-Kick and Corner Locks

• Reverses defender’s initial direction when attempting to latch on

• Pivots more naturally after a long throw from the corner

Sim-to-Real Corner Kick Steals

New Faces on the Pitch

• New player faces for each of the 18 clubs

• New and improved body shapes for face and head, shoulders, and lower body for each club

• ProCreate is delivered through a front-end tool making it quick and easy to create, share, and manipulate any face.

Sim-to-Real Face Z-Rotation


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