Many of us keep framed photos of our loved ones on our desks, and, assuming your PC's desktop is not already too cluttered, you can take advantage of this virtual space as well.
Desktop Photo is a simple application that enables you to place a framed or unframed picture on your desktop and move it around freely. It offers multiple frame styles and even allows you to write your own captions.
Place framed photos on your desktop
The application is very intuitive, as the installation process is relatively straightforward, and no advanced configurations need to be performed.
When you launch it for the first time, you only need to replace the default picture with your own and move it to any position on your desktop. Desktop Photo offers support for several popular image formats, namely, JPG, PNG and GIF.
Unfortunately, though, Desktop Photo does not allow you to create multiple picture frames, and you cannot launch more than one instance of the application.
Offers several customization options
After the photo is placed on your desktop, it can be resized, but you can only cycle between several steps, as it is not possible to fine-tune its dimensions.
Of course, it is also possible to insert one of the included frames. There are not too many to choose from, and their design is rather plain, but you should be able to find one that is to your liking.
Additionally, the program allows you to write a caption, which is displayed in the upper part of the picture. The text can be resized, but you cannot alter its position.
Unobtrusive program that can be launched at system startup
Desktop Photo is not displayed in the taskbar or system tray, so it is not likely to hinder you while you get on with your daily activities. Moreover, it is launched automatically at startup, so there is no need to configure it again after the initial setup has been completed.
In conclusion, this is a useful software utility that enables you to place a framed photo on your desktop. It lacks a few useful features, but it is unobtrusive and very easy to use.







Desktop Photo Crack

Using Desktop Photo Cracked 2022 Latest Version, you can choose a photo from your hard drive or from your camera. You can then resize it using the common Windows tools and choose any of the included framing templates.
If you want a personal touch, you can write your own caption beneath the picture.

Publisher’s Description:

Desktop Photo Crack Keygen gives you a personal touch to your computer desktop. Easily place photos, graphs, or other graphics in your computer desktop and move them around. Make your desktop stand out. Use your desktop as a photo album for your family and friends. Different image size and frame frames are available. You can even write your own caption underneath the frame.

This application is very easy to use. It’s also feature rich. The ability to write a caption is one of the most useful features.
It’s worth noting that the application was written using a C# compiler for the.Net framework 2.0. A small price to pay for a powerful product.

Part of the problem is that you can only set up this app once. After that, you can place as many photos on the desktop as you’d like. You can’t “place” more than one photo. Also, you can’t have more than one written caption on the photo.

I’d love to see this app allow multiple photos on the desktop. Also, I’d love to see it allow multiple photos with a caption. And I’d love to see the ability to place more than one photo on the desktop.

easy to use, if your desktop is too cluttered with icons and shortcuts, i’d say put this app on your desktop.

easy to use, if your desktop is too cluttered with icons and shortcuts, i’d say put this app on your desktop.

The only real problem i ran into with this app was that i couldn’t place more than one photo on my desktop because i couldn’t figure out how to drag and drop more than one image. Maybe it was just a dumb mistake on my part, but i can’t figure out how to move more than one photo from my desktop.

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Place framed photos on your desktop. Personalize your computer with a picture of your mommy, your best friend, your pet, or the person that you love most of all. Just choose a photo and choose a frame type from multiple frames provided.

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Desktop Photo

Desktop Photo allows you to move and place a framed or unframed photo on your desktop and access it easily. It enables you to resize the photo, and there is also a feature for writing a caption.
It is available in the following languages: English, French, German, and Italian.
Unofficial; Comments and suggestions are appreciated.
System Requirements:
– Windows XP or newer
– 250 MB of free disk space
– 4 MB of available RAM
How do you rate this software?

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What’s New In?

Manage and place your photos anywhere on your desktop.
Frame and move your photos.
Fully customizable.
No more empty frames.
Customize your captions.
Has multiple frame styles.
Multiple color choices.
Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP and Vista supported.
Windows 2000 and XP editions available for download.
Fully resizable text.
Single installation.
Single install 32-bit and 64-bit versions available.Samples

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