The blackstone is the ancient pyramidal structure which guards the sorceress of the Eterna’s tower. It is a powerful magical weapon which is almost as old as the tower itself. Even though we cannot even imagine the monumental size of the tower, the blackstone must be of enormous proportions. There is however no information on how long it has been there or how the sorceress managed to acquire such a powerful magic weapon. The blackstone was entrusted to the Forat Regn and has been waiting for its new owner ever since the sorceress died. The only living creature inhabiting the tower is the ghost of the sorceress. She can occasionally appear at the highest floor of the tower and warn the guards about the great danger that threatens the tower and its surroundings.
You and your companions will have to take the risk to conquer the tower and save the world from certain doom. During this adventure, the story of how the sorcerer died will unfold.
Game features
– Up to 10 players online!
– 30 different enemies.
– 15 non-combat missions.
– 6 combat missions.
– 8 mysteries to unravel.
– Several special abilities.
– Canard sound effect.
– Gun sound effect.
– Strong magic and fighting skill.
– Destruction of the blackstone.
– Huge boss fights.
– Crazy psychedelic effects.
– Beautiful graphics with 16:9 aspect ratio.
– 3D room.
– 4 special items.
– Cutscene.
– Steam Achievements
– Steam Cloud support
– Steam Trading Cards
– Steam Controller support
– Steamworks
– Steam Trading for All

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personification of Zelda is here in Blackstone for the PC. The graphics, sound, and gameplay are great, but it’s just not quite
up to our PC-RPG standards. That’s why it could be considered only one of the best “Zel-light” attempts that
we’ve seen to date. It’s awesome!”




Features Key:

  • Pursue your goal to find those hostile races and destroy them. Aim to attain 25 AUs (Areas Under Control) of the Galactic Federation and destroy a race’s defense grid before that race can attack you. Only if you destroy ALL the races’ defense grid can you survive. You’re limited to 10 AUs maximum from anyone of the playable races.
  • Rule the space lawless inter-system regions through the Commander’s Galactic Federation ship, the Space Interceptor.
  • Compete for the treasure of the galaxy – fashion your ship and spaceship as you wish. Let your imagination run wild.
  • Assemble, trade, equip, and upgrade your battle vehicle and/or spaceship to either compensate any weaknesses or enhance its strengths.
  • Team up with others to battle through 100 different levels, each of which has three difficulty sets of battles with different challenge levels – easy, medium and hard.
  • An RPG-style attribute and experience system allows you to strengthen your combat ability and equipment.
  • Easily add your own custom-made ships, weapons, equipment, and abilities to suit your strategy.
  • Earn command credits to upgrade anything you can build or equip. Upgrade your ship, weapons, and high-tech equipment to enhance your battle efficiency.
  • Out of Space iPhone version

    Out of Space Android version

    Out of Space BBC version

    Out of Space Website

    Out of Space Playstore

    Out of Space  

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    Psychonauts in the Party! or Psi-Files in french : you will follow the adventures of Benjamin Amede Danel, a young boy awakend in a soviet cryogenic laboratory.
    One day, he’ll find a collection of floppy disks and go to make the most perfect party ever.
    He will be interested for a girl in a UFO who would remind the 1980’s cartoon “Kimba the White Lion”.
    He’ll have a connexion with the ananother girl who would be possessed by the some aliens who will try to stop this party…
    It’s a full fledged, action-packed, comical, psychedelic, dystopian, psychedelic-lolicious, time-travelling, kid-tastic, ferociously comedic trip full of secrets and surprises, where each of your decisions will move the plot along and where you will grow in characterisation…
    where you will encounter a various weird characters, each with their own personality and abilities : the first one you will meet will be immediately your friend for the first time but after this, you will have to find new friends because the future is not exactly going to be very welcoming…
    ★ 5 unique weapons with 2 upgrades that you can apply each time to gain unique effects
    ★ 22 levels : all of them have their own gameplay, visual and thematic style and physics rules. You have the option to restart them.
    ★ 14 charming environments to explore
    ★ Floppy disk are used for some funny trigger like the effect of the cigarette lighter, the big shift of the stereo, the power up of the kill switch
    ★ Multiple weapon combinations, for both the hand gun and the drones
    ★ Action packed shooter : expect to be ready to grab a box to throw at your enemies…
    ★ Vivid and hyper-realistic graphics
    ★ Multiple life lines for each characters
    ★ Easy (and fun) level designing
    ★ Easy (and fun) game-play
    ★ Retro, yet futuristic gameplay
    ★ Addictive gameplay
    ★ music written by Justin Barnatt
    ★ Cool time-travelling and comic relief story-line
    ★ Fun and Freaky, even for non-shooters (all of the games are playable both as shooter and non-shooter), and also have funny/campy hidden artifacts to find
    ★ Many unlockable secrets to find :
    * PSI files: each level give you different secret content
    * picture files : for the photo-taking game


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    Darwins Test is a first-person action and puzzle game plunging you into a surprising dystopian universe.You play as an amnesic patient, victim of a serious accident.Doctors will take you through a protocol of care consisting of a dozen experimental tests in a research hospital.But strange events happen during these tests and start to cast doubt on your actual presence here. Who are you? Where are you? Why do you have to pass these tests?So many unanswered questions that you will have to face to discover the truth.Key Features :Explore a series of different types of test including :Logical, Physical, Dilemma, Sensory.Develop a line of reasoning that must unravel the mystery of your own existence.A game made entirely in one year to the day, by one person.A gameplay inspired by some of the greatest titles of the video game industry.A level editor with advanced features to create your own levels.An online mode with various Game Modes.Dedicated server and free hosting service.A narration over all events and tests.Play online with your friends, to a new story specially created for the online.Share your own stories to the community, thanks to the level editor!You will be able to create some unique tests, playable online with your friends!Play at levels created by the community!Multiplayer online gameplay!Enjoy the story made by the community!Categories Biotechnology, Therapy, TestingOur website : :

    Android – GoogleAnalytics with sendintent

    I want to save userID after login to GA and send data with sendintent to server.
    I’m using this library
    loadProfileImage(userName, true, progressDialog, mUserInfo, context);

    final GoogleAnalytics googleAnalytics = new GoogleAnalytics();

    try {
    googleAnalytics.logEvent(Constants.LOG_VIEW_PHOTO, “”+userName);
    } catch (Exception e) {


    What’s new:

    : How To Ride A Phantom Omni Steeler

    Scooter Delivery VR: How To Ride A Phantom Omni Steeler

    For the past few years, Phantoms have been in and out of the scene in a very short span of time. The best example of that being when I first discovered their nebulae logo back in 2016. The shaved robot’s first scene fell flat, and over the past year or so they’ve come back with a vengeance. In the past year we’ve seen the arrival of the Omni Steeler, the Scoreboom, and the new Evader. We went to ride and play with the Omni Steeler last month, and now we have a full review from Eric here at ScootVR, and from me over at

    After a successful and enjoyable installment of the series, today we will be looking at what to expect from a completely new type of scooter delivery unit. First, let’s take a quick look at the Omni Steeler before getting into the in and out details of this potential savior of scooter delivery riders:

    Phantom Omni Steeler Scooter Delivery Review 2020: ScootVR

    Phantom Omni Steeler Design

    The Omni Steeler is no stranger to scooter delivery, as the ugly, smelly, vibrating, already outdated scooter has been in the scene for a long time. It seems likely that they are finally catching onto something and getting the simple design down. Unfortunately, I just don’t think they understood what was required for a good scooter. I’ve ridden some awesome scooters like the Cannibal or the Gonzo, but there was always a major, noticeable, gap between the product and the expectations I had in my mind.

    Omni Steeler Name and Design: The new Omni Steeler, called a Steeler, is shaping up to be a step up from the original unit. There isn’t much to really differentiate it from the original, but there is a slightly larger battery, which has lines on it to indicate this should be easily charged. The charger itself is a much nicer color. According to the Phantom representative, I also spotted a boost button, so the unit can be charged while in transit.

    The Omni Steeler still looks as ugly as it was, although they seem to have gotten rid of the shanty metal panels that were plastered on earlier units. The new protective cover is a generic


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    Evolver was built from the ground up by Silicon Artists, a small studio of 5 people based in the Philippines. It’s been in development for over 1.5 years, and is currently in alpha. Much of the original concept and gameplay came from the team’s passion for the beat’em up genre and 2D fighting games.
    Evolver uses a cooperative online scoring system that allows you to compete and earn points through play. Each round of combat is 5 seconds, and there are 60 rounds per match. The winner is the player with the most points after the match has concluded.
    Evolver also features an extensive training mode, built around a detailed tutorial and options menu that allows players to customize their experience. Additionally, there is an unlockable practice mode, and an offline practice mode.
    Evolver takes place over the Earth in the future where humanity has evolved by accession to cyberspace and the creation of advanced weaponry. In this future, death has been replaced with resurrection. A man’s life is prolonged by integrating a cybernetic device known as a cloudcrush into his brain. In addition to the cloudcrush, cyborgs have become the dominant human species as their mental processes are faster than other humans.
    When the govenment discovered this, they used their immense resources to create their own super-soldier cyborgs. The idea of the game is to stop the government from becoming more and more powerful, and to save the few humans left on the earth.
    Evolver blends competitive fighting with quantum-cyberpunk-scifi to create a world of bizarre weapons, unconventional fighting styles, and wildly eccentric characters.
    Evolver’s combat mechanics are unique among 2D fighting systems in that it combines elements of traditional fighters with those of platform fighters. It also replaces traditional blocking with a unique evade-and-parry based defense system. Additionally, players choose their attack sets before each round with each character having 15 unique moveset combinations. Evolver’s combo system is friendly to inexperienced players and button mashers thanks to it’s auto combo mechanic, but also rewards seasoned fighting game players who put the time into creating complex attack sequences and mixups.
    Each player is also equipped with a fountain of resources called bursts. Burst have a variety of functions, and generally costs some bit of meter known as Senergy. Senergy is earned by successfully attacking an opponent, and is lost when using bursts


    How To Install and Crack Playhead:

    • Put game in C:\debug
      (Its contents folder.)
    • Create Shortcuts in Desktop
      (2nd icon of View)
      Shortcut Name: DOSBox
    • Copy & Paste:.dll,.exe and icon files to
    • Run dosbox.exe
      (View >DOSBox)
    • Make sure you do NOT close or Quit DOSBox
      (Leave it running)
    • Go to Windows Menu (Start Menu)
      Go to ‘Run’ and enter:
      bla.exe & Double Click on it.

      Note: This will launch DOSBox with bla.exe so it is stuck running in the background.

    Download Game URL


    Documented Hack(s)

    • Credits To:
      ((Adoptiks Reloaded + Bluemist, Alt-Fi, DaRCEArCrAw, Felteher, GenPadish, KvCollect, RunnerBeNoMare, TLUTogger76, & amouseofgood))


    System Requirements:

    Note: Supported operating systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP3.
    Mac OS X (Latest Version of El Capitan or higher)
    Download: Assassin’s Creed: Origins
    Download: AC Origins (Online Game Installer)
    Download: Assassin’s Creed: Origins (iSO)
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