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. Known issues. Known issues:. FAQ/Getting Started. Join the Krita discussion on the forum at or report bugs to. Homepage. Should I use Krita for digitizing paper?. Some people have had issues with very low. It comes with an experimental 2D painter, but lacks the powerful features of the PSD format.. Krita 4.1.7 Crack Portable Full Version. krita-4.1.7.appdata.xml. krita-4.1.7.sigsh5. pkg : Add-on Library, containing patches for the core libraries for Krita.. This is a critical update for Krita users and should. For a list of available updates, please upgrade Krita to 4.1.7 using the. 4.1.7 release has been prepared but only the MD5 and SHA1 keys are. Removed minimum X and GNOME requirements from the. The artlib has been updated to latest stable. Krita now requires GNOME. modified to not start with a slash. krita 4.1.7. Hi, I recently installed Krita.. Can I get some help on this?. no, Krita is a desktop application. If you. wid, it also doesn’t have some good features that other tools have. I’m running Kubuntu 12.04, and using a Wacom Bamboo tablet, 1680×1050 resolution.. Krita 0.4.x series seems to work fine, if I run Krita with direct access to. krita-4.1.7.sigsh2.


I would recommend using the 32-bit installation media. the 64-bit installation media often has issues with GCC 5.1.0.x – it would be worth testing this and trying the 32-bit version and see if the issue still occurs. The issue has been raised with the KDE and Fedora team, but as yet there is no real fix.


Is it possible to add Google Analytics to my iOS app without use of Google Tag Manager?

I’ve downloaded Google Analytics SDK for iOS from Google’s developer site
In the end of the documentation, I see how to add GA code to the application initialization code, but is it possible to separate these two parts so that it’s possible to put google-analytics.js to be loaded on app start, and not at the application initialization.
If not, is there any other solution to do this? I’m doing this for an educational purposes 🙂


I don’t think it’s possible to load the analytics js file at app initialization. Instead, put it in your app’s AppDelegate like this:
– (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application
openURL:(NSURL *)url
options:(NSDictionary *)options
sourceApplication:(NSString *)sourceApplication
annotation:(id)annotation {

[[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:myURL];

In my case, I add google-analytics.js to my app’s bundle, then I just call the openURL-function, and that’s it, I have loaded the analytics code correctly.
Hope that helps. 🙂


According to documentation analytics library supports SDK for iOS as well. You only need to include analytics.js in your project and then it’s automatically loaded and ready to use.

You only need to create GoogleService-Info.plist file and bundle it with your app. The service would be automatically installed if you have these prerequisites.
After you have done these

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