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How can I read a text file from a driver on the heap?

I am trying to use the Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition Driver on Windows Server 2008 R2. The driver may be loaded from a thumb drive or some network device. It may even be loaded in the event of a system crash.
So what I’ve done is made a little interface that contains a HandleFile function, and a GetBuffer function. The driver’s code dynamically loads the driver with

where DbgMsg is the string I sent to the Load function.
It checks the handle file name for a.driverlib extension, and then the driver does this
if (strlen(DriverLib.extension) > 0) {
if (strncmp(DriverLib.extension, “lib”, 3)!= 0) {
return DriverHandle;

// Create driver in our driver library.
DriverHandle = DriverLibrary.registerDriverHandle(DriverLib);
if (DriverHandle!= 0) {
if (DriverLibrary.shutdownModule() == 0) {
DriverHandle = 0;
return DriverHandle;
return 0;

If the.driverlib file exists, it just reads
DriverLib.header = “abcdefg…*”

and then the rest of the file.
In my GetBuffer function, I return a PBuffer. PBuffer has a destructor, and a constructor that takes a void* pointer.
In the PBuffer destructor, I delete the driver allocated buffer.
In the PBuffer constructor, I have it call the next PBuffer, but delete it as soon as I’m done with it. PBuffer says a buffer has been cleaned up and is available when I call GetBuffer again.
The problem is that


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