Shakti Group November

Within this month, will dive into

  • Integrating the wisdom of nature and moon into our lives.
  • Learning about the gifts of rituals and what they do for us
  • Grounding and creating sacred space
  • Creating a clearing ritual for new Moon.
  • Creating an invitation ritual for full Moon.


My aim is to give you tools and practise to integrate in your daily life. To be able to created sacred spaces for you anytime.
To ground.
To drop in.

Playlist to support your Rituals

I created a playlist for you. For softening, enjoying, dropping into our beautiful essence.
I invite you to use it

You can access it HERE

1) New Moon and End of Months RITUALS

This is a 20min Video about

– How we as humanity use + craft Rituals
– Why we do Rituals & what they help us

2) Full Moon and Beginning of Months RITUALS

This is 20 min Video about:

– Revision of new moon rituals leading into full moon abundance
– 3 parts of Alchemy in Rituals

– How to create modern Full Moon Rituals throughout your month
– Full Moon as a periode of beauty, invitation and celebration
– Beauty as a way to open up our hearts
– Tarot card tips, Movie Tip

3) Creating and crafting Rituals


– What are Rituals?
– What kind of Rituals can I create? Examples
– The 5 Elements (keys) to create + craft a Ritual

– Beautiful photos of a women’s Ritual I held in India

4) Live Call - Shakti Group Circle

On Friday, 23.11.18 at 18:30

currently uploading (takes up to 48 hours). coming within the next days.

Part 1 – Welcome, meeting the sisters, intro to session

Part 2 – Why we do Rituals, what kind of rituals. Crafting and preparing today’s ritual together, setting up the space

Part 3 – The Ritual itself, closing