Anapanasati – mindfulness of breathing meditation w/Govinda


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Kochi @ 12:00 _ Bali @14:30 _ Melbourne @ 16:30_New York @ 02:30 _ Los Angeles @ 23:30 (03rd April)

Recurring on 04th, 11th, 18th, 25th of May

Join me Govinda at 08:30
for a half-hour guided meditation.

You may appreciate the use of a cushion or even a chair. 
Something that will support you in an upright, alert yet relaxed position. 

We will explore some concepts of Anapanasati or mindfulness of breathing meditation in a way that will make sense – through practice. 

At the end of the meditation I shall leave the session open for some discussion around the concepts and for some formal introductions. 

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Welcome Letter from Govinda
Greetings and welcome.  Thank you for making your way here. 

My current practices are centred on Hatha Yoga, Anapansati (or mindfulness of breath) meditation and the use of the 12 steps program as a set of guiding principles to recover from addictions.  

My vision is to facilitate meditation sessions during this period of widespread confinement.  To bring both new and experienced students together to explore the breath, heart, body and mind through sharing concepts of meditation that I practice and continue to discover.

Secondly to introduce the initial phases of the 12-step program, with an emphasis on the 5-column self inventory process of step 4.  This pragmatic, almost administrative approach, really simplifies our previous behaviours and beliefs in order to ‘take-stock’.  I have found this so useful in my personal life and I look forward to guiding others through it too.

And finally, having recently completed an book club style read-through of the Bhagavad Gita I intend to explore some of it’s main themes in a series of open discussions called Essence of the Gita.  I welcome your participation in these sessions to enhance all of our understanding of this profound, timeless text

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