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Have you been wanting to join a women’s circle but there wasn’t one around?
Or the one you went to didn’t resonate with you? 

Here is my offer
Join me and women of all ages from around the world to enjoy feminine embodiment
based on my sacred feminine work rooted in the wisdom and teachings of TaoTantra.



by Shankari Claudia Zimmermann

Shankari’s sacred feminity work called “feminine blossoming” is based on her rich knowledge in multiple disciplines. She introduces her offer based on a system of 4 Pillars:

Within the Shakti Group Program these 4 pillars will be present in

sexual vitality Qi Gong & movement practises
guided visualisation
womb connection
conscious language
and Taoist feminine exercises for Women’s Wellness


My annual women’s workshop retreat “Shakti Group 2018 “
is affordable, available wherever you are, whenever you want and suitable for all stages of your womanhood and paths.

This program is for woman of all ages
who are looking to live, celebrate, embody and empower their femininity
and be supported & nourished by a worldwide network of women.

Get to know my work


New to TaoTantra and Shankari’s “Feminine Blossoming”?
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Plus you’ll also get to know about
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·         >  vulnerability and your sacred path
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Here is what women say about my AUDIO

Introducing the Shakti Group 2018 Program

A 1 Year long online women’s circle meeting on New Moon or Full Moon

12 audio + video live calls guided by Shankari

12 recordings of the live women’s circles

You will get to buddy up with a sister to go with her through 2018

You will become part of a smaller, more intimate “family” group to support and share in more depth

PLUS some special bonuses

>> You decide how deep you wanna go, how much you wanna share and how much time you will invest <<

Shankari is leading the circles guided by her rich knowledge and experience on how to support and hold a circle. In each circle will take time to honor and connect to the seasons and natural rhythms present at that time.

The basic outline of a circle will included an opening and guided meditation, a sharing within the circle, where we open up space to talk – be truly seen and held in our current feelings and situations, body awareness exercises, Shankari’s “pleasure-peace”  tools to deeply nourish and connect with our feminine essence, sexual vitality qigong exercises, dance, journaling, and restorative practises.

Each call can be seen as a virtual retreat right there at the comfort of your home or at any another favorite spot of your choose (Shankari might sometimes be out in nature)

Price: € 480,-

The Shakti Group 2018 is to

Live + celebrate our femininity in all aspects of the feminine:

  • Soft, kind, gentle, wise
  • Wild, juicy, active, seductive
  • Creative, caring, manifesting
  • Playful, innocent

Empower + Embody

Support + nourish in a worldwide network

Heal in a feminine yin way

 The Shakti Group is a community, where we speak from our hearts and where we are safe to share our vulnerability

Why are women interested in my feminine work and TaoTantra?

“Divine bhaktis” are
curious “explorers”

having established a beautiful relationship to their feminine bodies

desiring greater self-love

greater self-care

interested in the tao tradition as a feminine path of consciousness and expierencing the body as a guide and (spiritual) wisdom source

interested in knowledge and healing on cycles, menstruation, stages of womanhood

celebrating sisterhood and exited to connect and meet like-minded beautiful, heart-soul connected conscious women from all around the world

wanting to align a lifestyle that honors the own inner feminine rhythm

 open and ready to experience their bodies as sources of bliss and pleasure

“Change Makers”

these women are committed to make a change and create a loving, nourishing relationship with their feminine bodies

practising Tao techniques for self-healing a a yin way

they may suffer from
hormonal imbalances, ovarian cysts, PMS

menopausal difficulties

sexual trauma

might be passionate about respecting and supporting nature, mother earth

connecting with the heart, feeling gratefulness, kindness, compassion, forgiveness and strength

“Biz World Blossomers”

In modern times our societies are dominated by “empty yang” principles
being focused and constantly asked to be productive

feeling stressed, pushed or forced
maybe feeling “masculine” or “not feeling like a woman”
feeling overwhelm or exhausted
having lost a sense of “femininity”

feeling of “not being enough”
feeling of “not being worthy”

judging yourself and others

The goal is shifting from doing and rushing into being, nourishing, sensual body pleasure, recharging and feeling “full” and “abundant”

connecting to our feminine essence
connecting to our creative power and creativity as women

embracing our femininity
embracing our emotions

honoring the inner feminine flow in business and work life


“Self Nourishers”

might have gone through very challenging and exhausting times or crises

might be (young) mothers, who are giving a lot and caring so much

might be manifesting and creative women who are there for others, but struggeling to be there from themselves

might be women who feel lost, uncertain, unclear or insecure about situations in their lives or themselves

the wish is to just fall into the soft, warm and safe hug

to drop all responsibility
to drop stories and drama

The goal is to recharge, to find the place of power, strength and clarity within

to connect with one’s own inner center
and set healthy directions and boundaries from there

I am Shankari and I am a Sacred Feminine Space holder and TaoTantra teacher.

My gift to the world is to hold spaces of nourishment, connection and transformation. Coming from a yogic tradition with disciplined Sadhana – discovering the path of feminine spirituality within TaoTantra changed my life. Not only did it allow me to embrace myself in my totality but it also helped me to transform my most challenging times in life.

After holding space in real life for almost 10 years, I now feel the calling to create a space that doesn’t put limits of time and place and is accessible anywhere, anytime. Creating this online circle is my answer to contribute to a global network of sisterhood and honor of the Feminine in us and Mother Earth.

I offer, teach and share an abundance of Yoga stiles, TaoTantra & Sacred Femininity, Qigong, Breathwork, Trauma release work, Conscious Movement and 5 Elements Dance, Cacao Ceremonies and Thai Massage. Besides, I have a background in holistic medicine & Anthropology and currently studying to become a future doctor.
My methods work on a physical, emotional and mental level and they help my clients and students to rewrite their pains and fears so that they can open up to bliss and embody their joy.

I am looking forward to connect with you


Hear what collegues and participants say about me

The Shakti Group 2018 content


I am so grateful and happy that you choose yourself,
 choose your femininity,
 choose sisterhood.
I love to support and guide you into your #feminineblossoming.
This is why I am giving you some extra bonuses:

Your Bonuses


Orientation call


Feminine manifesto


Finding your purpose: Death meditation
audio call with Shankari


Connecting to your compass and getting clear on your desires in live:
guided meditation & visualization audio



Abundance and pleasure as a part on our feminine spiritual path:
40 min live talk record with Shankari


20 min live call chocolate tasting


Being at ease and in my flow:
Guided conscious dance session 40 min


Access to a private facebook group to share and connect with program members

So often we are challenged in our daily lives to find spaces of recharge, of peace and of listening inwards. Implementing, aligning and rooting with your feminine essence takes time. It’s a process with ups + downs, as we start to meet & bring into light what is inside of us. Its a journey of gentleness and pleasure. Its a journey for abundance, nourishment, evolvement, and transformation.
I know that. I have been there and I have the honor to guide and support women on their journeys.

This is why …

Your Investment

Full Price


orientation call, 12x circles, 12x recordings, bonuses

€ 480,-

pay safe with Paypal
I understand that no refunds will be available for this program and agree to the terms & conditions.

Central Europeans can pay via Bank Account Transfer. Contact me here

Late Comers


orientation call, 12x circles, 12x recordings, bonuses

€ 650,-

Payment Plan

Full price
12 payments of €40,-

(= € 480,-)

12 payments of € 55,-
for late comers (20.01.-10.02.18)

 Orientation call, 1 call per month as paid on the beginning of the months

 Access to bonuses by December 2018


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do we connect?

A: After you have signed up you will receive emails from me with all the details and access to each virtual call program. You will also get a link to access the private facebook group, where you can ask any questions, share and connect within our Shakti Group.


Q: Am I not to old/young/ advanced/junior?

A: No, no matter if you are an advanced yogini or not spiritual at all – this program is designed for every woman. For all of us.


Q: 1 Year! That’s a long time! I don’t how my life will flow.

A: My neither, love. The women’s circle is a home base, its 1 call each months, to check with yourself, align with your inner compass, to recharge and nourish, and on your wish, to connect with like-minded women from around the world.

 There is no obligation for you to participate. It’s a precious offer for you to come home. You can join the live call or get the replay.  At home, in your garden, nature or wherever you like – you can take this digital version to your favorite places.

Questions? I’m here for you!

Send me an email >> HERE

Connect with me online

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