Tantric Date Night w/Shankari


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Kochi @ 22:00 _ Bali @0:30

This beautiful ritual will nourish and connect you deeply with your hearts. It will light you up from the inside out. You’ll activate taste, touch, sound, sight and listening. Feel super connected, relaxed, and elevated when you take this time to really nurture one another.

Bring a with a dear friend, a family member, a partner or lover. (Also parents can do this with kids)


For the 5 senses ritual, it would be ideal to gather things that will activate each sense (and of course, you may have limited access depending on your quarantine situation, so please make do with whatever you have and be creative!)

You’ll want to set up your space to be cozy, comfortable and safe, with candles or low light and privacy if possible. 

Items to activate the senses (note you only need one item for each sense per person, but you can go all out if you desire!):

  • Taste: fruit, chocolate or some other food you can feed each other + either very clean hands or a fork
  • Smell: Essential oil, amazing perfume, or something creative like a flower that can be smelled
  • Touch: Use your hands, sponge, nails, or faux fur, or a scarf…whatever tactile things you like! Become creative! 
  • Sounds + Sight: you don’t need to prepare anything special.

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Shankari is the founder and initiator of the bhakti collective.
The name was given to her as being initiated into a yogic lineage – meaning “the one who gives joy” and ” the compassionate one who companions”.

Being drawn to Yoga, she studied and practised spiritual embodiment intensively since the age of 16 in Europe, India, Thailand and Bali.

She’s  been teaching and offering since the age of 18 –  teacher trainings, courses online+offline, workshops, retreats, and one-one-sessions internationally in Europe and South-East Asia.
Founded multiple platforms and brought the joy of yoga, conscious dance, breathwork, taotantra, acroyoga, thai massage, trauma release, qigong, ayurveda and cacao ceremony to people and places in Europe. 

She embodies being a musician, dancer, performer, traveler as well as scientific mind  a devoted spiritual practitioner.

Her passion and superpower is to bring people together, to connect deeply to each other, share her wisdom and teachings, and experience life’s amazingness in a human body.

She’s currently finalizing her second university degree, a PhD in Medicine in Germany. With the aim to bridge western medicine with easter wisdom body traditions.


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