Heart Healing Meditation w/Verena


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Kochi @ 12:00 _ Bali @14:30 _ Melbourne @ 16:30_New York @ 02:30 _ Los Angeles @ 23:30 (03rd April)

Recurring on 09th, 16th, 23th, 30th of May

A journey into the healing capacities of the heart – is a simple yet powerful technique to explore our heart’s space and cultivate gentle awareness. Layer by layer will be dropping in deeper into your inner space, healing and consciousness. By that our hearts will shine brighter into the world.

Have your space prepared to meditate.
Maybe you want to light a candle, clean the floor, smudge the room beforehand or light an incense or aroma oil (rose is wonderful for the heart), have a sitting cushion or chair.
Come with an open mind and your journal.

I am excited to share my heart with you in a 1 Hour Session Saturday 8:30 CEST – live streaming from an Ashram in India.

More about Verena – check out:

Welcome Letter from Verena

My own journey brought me to mystical heights and dark underworlds since an initial time in India 1999 where I met and fell in love with Amma. My quest for healing was driven by a desperate state of chronic fatigue over 20 years. Slowly I put myself together and so do many things which I learned in this time of transformation. Consciousness technologies to explore the inner space since 2018; A Course in Miracles in Spain and Source Temple Brazil since 2007; the Raevsky School in Russia and my time with Amma in the heart. Also Grinberg Methode, education in Ayurvedic massages, systemic coaching and Relaxology. 


Since 2018 I started to teach the heart in retreats, festivals, workshops and online and constantly learn more from it, also about the scientific background at the HeartMath Institute and with Dr. Joe Dispenza.


I live a simple life in Austria in Sonrisa Sanctuary, my small paradise with orchards, which keeps me grounded in the work with nature. My love for dance expresses in Authentic movement, contact improvisation and Tango.


In this very special time now, I am grateful to be in Amritapuri and continue here to pass on the knowledge about the heart, also in this beautiful platform, the Bhakti Collective 


I hope to see you in one of the healing meditations and you can contact me if you have questions and want to share something

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