In fear




Home Office


Stressed and overwhelmed





 Yearning for a break-out

 Longing for connection with humans    
    on a heart-level

Longing for freedom


 Yearning for hope, positivity and 




Being a „medical doctor in practical year“ in a hospital’s emergency room as a last-year medicine student, I am welcoming and taking on patient when they arrive from the ambulance.

I see structures falling apart daily, overwhelm, super stressed out workers, fights, unpolitness,
frustrations as our rooms run out for patients that need to be isolated. Hearing comments like „not another patient again“ when the ambulance rings…

For me this tipped when a patient was dying, and just nobody seemed to be affected. It was „just what happens“. This incidence hurt my personal values on the honor of death and birth terribly. I was thinking about human dignity.

I am still there in this hospital. I do this. Non-paid. Every day. 40 Hours a week. Since 6 months. And still  6 more to go until May ’21. Until I get my approval as a medical doctor

I understand that my impact to help, support and help changing the world to a better place is somehow more than being in the emergency room. I decided  to make a positive impact during this period of time to guide people and remind them about their power of laughter and joy within.

Because I am so convinced that NOW more than ever LAUGHTER IS MEDICINE.
Within the last 14 years teaching and educating laughter yoga, I have never acutally been able to see the power of laughter as urgently needed as during this year of lockdown and pandemie.

Because when we laugh, we change.

We shift to Health, Joy, Harmony and Peace, Work-life Balance, release Fear, Happiness, Connection, Love.

And these are my values. This is what I believe in. This is what I want to bring into the world.





Care for other

Fear-free positivity space

Relaxing the nervous System

 permission to be happy, eventhough people around you are not



You will get …

  • 40 days of laughter
  • 40 days of 5min meditations
  • Breathwork Techniques
  • Cold water exposure

  • Tools to master your mind
  • Cultivate your inner happiness
  • Support your Self-awareness and self-management
  • A Set up for your a work-life balance
  • Gratitude and forgiveness
  • Living laughter on a daily basis – starting with 40 days
  • Build up your resilience, your psychological strengh to rebalance in challenging times

  • Learn to “laugh for no reason“ no matter what happens in your life and surroundings
  • An incredible, highly-positive peer group with daily communication in a telegram/what’s app group



You will see the effects cos it will …

  • Melt stress & tension
  • Boost your immune system
  • Enter a zone of positivity and creativity for new perspectives
  • Permission to be unapologetically playful
  • Sense of joy within chaos
  • Shift into a worry-and fear-free state
  • Enjoy and play
  • Learn how to implement more laughter in your life
  • Get your feel-good hormons shooting again and again
  • Sense of ease, lightness and playfulness
  • Naturally joke with collegues, family and friends


10 Online Schedule Classes

Twice a Week





Monday 19:30 – 20:30 Berlin Time

– 23.11.20, 30.11.20,  7.11.20


Friday 19:30 – 20:30  Berlin Time

– 27.11.20, 4.12.20, 11.12.20


Monday 17:00 – 18:00 Berlin Time

– 14.12.20, 21.12.20, 28.12.20


Friday 17:00 – 18:00-19:00

Berlin Time – 18.12


  • 40 days of laughter                                    
  • 40 days of laughter
  • 10 Live Sessions as 10 Modules    
  • No recordings                                                                 
  • Access to WA/Telegram Group           



  • 40 days of laughter                                    
  • 40 days of laughter
  • 10 Live Sessions as 10 Modules   
  • ALL recordings of all 10 Modules            
  • Access to WA/Telegram Group         


BONUS:  “Body Silence”
Yoga Nidra Meditation Album