Laughter Yoga w/ Andreja & Shankari


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Kochi @ 20:30 _ Bali @23:00 _ Ryiadh @ 18:00_ Los Angeles @ 08:00

Let’s have some fun, connect and reconnect to our playfulness and joyfulness.

Join Laughter Yoga with Andreja and Shankari celebrating and honoring the World Laughter Day.

Laughter is the best medicine! 

Boosts the immune system, lowers stress levels, reduces stress hormones, makes us juicy, opens us up to joy and helps us to find radiant presence.


You might appreciate a blanket. Have some water handy.
Prepare yourself for movement and set yourself up with speakers or wireless earplugs.


For more fun invite your family members, house mates and dear ones.


We will take 10min extra after the session to share and answer questions.

More about Andreja – check out:

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My name is Andreja Kranjc, I come from Slovenia and I love life. For many years now I am inviting people in their bodies, exploring our places of aliveness, joy and playfulness.

Since last year I am creating sacred places for women to gather and be seen, heard and moved from inside.

We are opening to embody more of who we are born to be with grace and lightness.

Gaining more love for ourselves and more awareness to embrace the changes.

I am also offering one-to-one sound healing sessions with himalayan singing bowls and Access Consciousness sessions to gain insight on and power over our limiting beliefs and let them go.

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