Music Dance Journey w/Leela Dance


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Kochi @ 23:00  _ Melbourne @ 16:30_New York @ 13:30 _ Los Angeles @ 10:30

This Friday will be a deluxe dance & music evening

First, one of my favorite Ecstatic Dance DJanes Leela will be guiding us into a 1-hour music journey.

Let’s shake our booties, express our bodies through free and delicious movement, dance it out and dance the world together!

Prepare yourself for tons of fun coming up!
Have a proper, clean space ready to dance & move, a cushion to sit, mat or/and blanket to lay on the floor.

Stay on the live call – after this juicy session with Leela, Ara will live stream sound healing from his studio.

More about Leela – check out:

More about Leela Dance

Leela Dance is a trained 5 Elements Dance Activation teacher, Ecstatic Dance DJane, Tantrica and lover of life.

A world traveller based in France, her sessions are filled with with her joyous nature.  True nourishment for the soul!

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