Sound Healing Journey w/ Ara


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Enjoy a half-an hour Sound healing Journey live from Ara’s Studio in Saudi Arabia. 

Let yourself go and receive. Indulge your sensation on the tunes of the hang, the resonance of the tibetean bowls and the beats of the shamanic drum. Enveloped with atmospheric nature sound.


The session will start with 7 minutes of brain hemisphere balancing breathwork. Followed with 21 Oms coming from the core of your being. 

Then please lay down and put the speaker in its desired volume. Dive into your breath. Let the sound take you. Be the observer. 


How to Prepare:

Pamper yourself with a cushion, a mat, a cozy blanket. A bluetooth speaker would enhance the experience.

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Ara is a Non-Dedicated Yogi and sound magician guiding people into deep states of consciousness and healing through the portal of ancient and futuristic frequencies, rhythms and melodies. 


Through surrendering to his intuition Ara has found himself in various mystical spiritual happenings and divine ancient places, where he has always had his musical tools, shared and co-created with other beautiful creatives and space-holders.


Ara deeply believes that sound is the only tool that can break any resistance and penetrate into the core of any being. 

Therefore, using it with awareness and clean intentions may effect positive outcomes on the mind-body-spirit trinity. 


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