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Hi, I’m Shankari

My name is Claudia Zimmermann. When I got initated into a yogic Tradition by monks when I was 19, I received a name.
A sanskrit name. Called Shankari.

Shankari means – the one who gives joy. The one who gives blessing. The one who is compassionate.
The one who gives happiness. And the one who accompanies.

My new given name became my life motto, my task, my promise and my mission. It is unfolding more and more, piece by piece.  Diving into the dark to become the most radiant version of myself, to unravel and share the light and joy that lies within me.

We all carry these qualities within us. No matter our age, nationality or gender.
So when I speak to you, I speak to this part in you that shines.
This time in you, when your eyes sparkle. This feeling in you when you’re vibrant, alive, sharing.

To the qualities of Shankari in you – the # joy & blessings of your Body & Soul Wisdom !